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Phil Moss: We’ll stand by Alen Stajcic


Football Coaches Australia President Phil Moss says the association will stand by Alen Stajcic as the Matildas scandal continues to drag on.

After three weeks without comment for legal reasons, Stajcic finally addressed a number of media outlets this week to break his silence on a scandal which has rocked the Australian football world.

He noted that he was still unaware of why he had been sacked and that his reputation had been “ruined”.

News of Stajcic’s termination first broke almost four weeks ago and still we have heard no clear answer from the FFA – who have instead alluded to “cultural issues” within the Matildas set up as the reason the 45-year-old was ousted.

Moss says Stajcic deserves to get some clarity over the situation.

“There’s a (duty of care), that’s what we’ve really focused on with Alen as a coaches association,” Moss said.

“It needs to be highlighted that we haven’t had a chance to digest or assess whether it’s the right or wrong decision in our eyes because we don’t know the reasons apart from the words “toxic culture” and “dysfunctional culture” which have been thrown around.

“That’s the main thing for us to make sure Alen’s got the wellbeing support that he needs and he’s got a good legal team around.

“We just keep lobbying the FFA for some more definitive reasons and if they are too confidential to become public – then there is one person on the planet who should know and that’s Alen Stajcic so he can defend himself.”

Since Stajcic was sacked, 17 Matildas have come out in support of the besieged former coach – who carried the team through one of the most successful periods in their football history before being axed.

It’s a decision that’s left the Matildas in disarray with the World Cup just months away.

Moss said more needs to be done to protect coaches.

“We won’t rest until we have closure for Alen around that,” Moss said.

“As a coaches association, this is a watershed moment for professional coaching in Australia.

“We can certainly use this moving forward in this situation to seek the five real pillars that we’re after and they are transparency, due process, procedural fairness, standardised contracts and a united grievance procedure.

“I do honestly believe an outcome from this will be those five things moving forward.

“Unfortunately Alen’s having to go through this now and he will say that himself – if something like that positive can come out of it – at least that’ll be some consolation.”

Fox Football expert Mark Bosnich also slammed the FFA over their handling of the scandal.

“This is an absolute mess of nuclear proportions,” Bosnich said.

“I thought at the time there would be some damage to the Matildas brand, but after yesterday this is not only damaging the Matildas brand but the whole of football.”

The FFA have been contacted for comment.

The scandal has already claimed assistant coaches Paul Jones and Nahuel Arrarte, while Deputy Chairwoman Heather Reid has taken indefinite leave for personal reasons.


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