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Levy slams NRL minders idea while Riddell supports it

Hour of Power on Breakfast

Mark Levy and Mark Riddell were split on the issue of minders for professional athletes.

The idea behind it is clubs employing specific people to look out for players on their nights out, ensuring they don’t get themselves in trouble.

Former athlete Jamie Soward floated the suggestion on Fox Sports last night.

“The is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” Levy told Breakfast.

“When I go out for a night on the town, I use common sense.

“If you’re a professional athlete, it means you show even more common sense.

“If we need to send out minders for professional athletes, the world’s gone mad.”

But Riddell said minders ensures players are protected from the public when going out.

“It stops the players from getting into something they didn’t (start) themselves,” he said.

“When someone gets a little bit intoxicated, you grab them and put them in a cab.”

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Hour of Power on Breakfast