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Andy Harper, “entire focus” needs to shift in football youth academies

After a dire Asian Cup campaign from the Socceroos, former NSL striker and current Fox Sports Commentator Andy Harper shares with Mieke Buchan and Billy McGee why we can’t seem to produce a production line of strikers, and dribbling wingers when we’re overabundant in nearly all other positions.

“Until we’re prepared to put our hand on our hearts and say you know what, our entire focus in league development is to find and fill this gap. We’re just pretending to be concerned with the issue” 

Having seen in person how the Socceroos played in the Asian Cup campaign which Harper called, “a flop” and a “subpar output”

“At some point, we need to get more crafty of our delivery to the penalty area… we’re having trouble finding the magic wand around the penalty area”

Despite us delivering, “uber competitive players right across the field”do the import players of the A-League have a negative impact on our development system?

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