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“AFLX won’t be appreciated much and is no different to watching a movie on TV” says Rohan Connolly

AFL can’t have been overjoyed by the reaction there’s been to AFLX, says Rohan Connolly It’s been short, sharp and almost universally disparaging.

The biggest flaw is in the fundamental concept, says Connolly. When AFLX was staged last year, it was also against a backdrop of cynicism, but even then fans knew that they could at least support their team when it was on.

“When clubs are removed from the equation, all that’s left is a collection of star players aligned to meaningless teams in which is there literally no emotional investment,” Connolly said in ‘RoCo’s Rant’

“I believe a basic and massive error of judgement.

“Club alignment is why fans stick around through the dark times. Without it, the action we’re watching is little more than entertainment.”

“That’s how this version of AFLX comes across to me. An impressive parade of stars, but playing a game with only a tenuous connection with the real thing, and without any meaning attached to the result.

“I’m not sure the AFL has understood that sufficiently. And consequently has poured a decent amount of money into something which wasn’t wanted, won’t be appreciated much, and at a most basic level, is no different to watching a movie on TV.”

The AFLX battle will take place on February 22 at Marvel Stadium

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